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From someone who is happy to be one of Dr. Selmeczy's patients:

I became a patient of Dr. Selmeczy after I'd seen how professionally and kindly he dealt with a friend of mine. At that period in my life, I was spending a lot of time at client sites in California, even though I live 300 miles away, near Reno.

Nowadays, I hardly ever go to California on business, but Dr. Selmeczy is still my dentist. He's worth making a 600-mile round trip from Reno to Livermore. I really appreciate his logical approach to dentistry, and how he explains everything so clearly. He makes me feel as though we're a team, working on the same problem together. Dr. Selmeczy's concern for the well-being of his patients is genuine and wonderful to experience.

Based on my recommendation, my wife recently became another of his patients. We were recently there together. As I walked toward the waiting-room, I caught a glimpse of a familiar scene: Dr. Selmeczy and my wife, in happy, animated discussion, looking at her dental x-rays. Dr. Selmeczy was drawing a picture with pencil on paper, explaining something to my wife, who was by now another happy patient.
Andre Gous

Dr. Endre Selmeczy, D.M.D.
(pronounced "Shel-me-see")

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